After becoming a mom, especially in Istanbul, to notice that I can’t pursue my previous habits - such as taking a short break at a café - when with a child.

But it is after becoming a mom that you need such breaks the most.
I thought many many times how wonderful it would be taking a stroll by the Bosohorus with a baby carriage, or after playing at the park, to go to a space that would not only attend to my baby’s needs but also to provide me with a good coffee or a healthy meal. What I mean by need is not just a diaper changing table or a feeding chair. Besides, it is rather frustrating to have to stay at home or to go to an awkwardly crowded Shopping Mall when it is cold and wet outside and all parks are wet.
So I made some adjustments to Fotini so that adults and children can enjoy it simultaneously. In the Play Rooms, there is a supermarket, wooden toys, paint and children’s story books. The most important element is that the room and furniture are all hygienic and safe.
While at Fotini, our guests with children will be at ease, peacefully sipping their coffee or tasting home cooked meals while their children entertain themselves.

Weekend breakfast with a nanny, family lunches foollowed by workshops and Rakı nights with a nanny every Saturday night...

Some matters you can only comprehend when you become a parent, right?